Hello! I'm Travis.

I’m a writer, creator, and strategist. But really, I’m just a storyteller. Stories are the most powerful tools we have. It’s how we communicate, break down complex ideas, explore new perspectives, and attempt to understand who we are.

I tell stories that stand for something. Whether it’s video, podcasts, articles, or design work, I lead projects with a creative but purpose-driven approach to content.

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Born in Brooklyn into a family of old-school New Yorkers. Develops a penchant for getting lost in thought (sometimes while wearing party hats).
Turns some of these thoughts into short films, stories, and creative projects. Manages to get them show at some festivals.
Starts work in the Branded Content department of Bisnow Media, innovating new storytelling formats for B2B clients, including podcast and video.
Joins NewsCred and later Industry Dive as a strategist, combining my storytelling experience with marketing research to develop compelling content for brands like Square, IBM, and Panasonic.

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