Multimedia Content

Telling stories through video, audio, and visual design projects.
What I do
Everyone has a story to tell. But how you tell it always makes all the difference in the impact it will have. Often, the best medium is memorable visual content. My career in creative began with this challenge, and I work closely with fellow creatives and brands to translate stories they care about into forms that will capture and inspire audiences.
How I do it
Whether we are working together and beginning stages of creating visual content or you need someone to get your creative project over the finish line, I have experience developing stories no matter their stage of development.
  • Creative Producing and Development
  • Video Editing (Premiere, Final Cut)
  • Projection Design
  • Directing (Music Video, Branded Content, Short Films)
  • Candid Photography

4:48 Psychosis


About the project

4:48 Psychosis is the last play written by Sarah Kane. With a loose, experimental format, the play highlights themes of madness, anxiety, and the crushing fear of self-doubt. With an hour-long show time and a divisive theater format, this was my second collaboration with director Alexandra Cadena.

Design Concept

The design is based on traditional horror film tropes. The rapid, strobe-like montage sequences use subliminal editing techniques. The use of archival imagery of war, newspapers, and old German Expressionist films added to the idea of the tortured imagination escaping the mind.

Under: A New Musical


About the project

Under tells the story of Serena, a patient at a college psychiatric hospital. Serena retraces her steps over the past year of manic peaks and depressive episodes with fellow classmates, discovering how that high-pressure world landed her where she is now.

Design Concept

*all designs were created in Blender, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop

The overall concept was the idea of things that look good on paper. Elite universities base prestige and success around grades, resumes and optics. Every design element is digitally constructed from flat pieces of paper covered in phrases connected to the emotional state of the characters in the play.

Other projections include falling pills, and a “party scene” that features live-action, stop motion photography.