Helping Pfizer understand a diverse and varied content audience.
Client Challenge
After several years of creating content to live on numerous audience-specific hubs, Pfizer embarked on an initiative to combine all its existing content, for both patients and biomedical professionals, all under one domain.

At the same time, the company wanted to use content to continue build on positive sentiment gained from COVID-19 vaccine work. They enlisted my team to conduct research on the varied audiences interested in science and biomedical information, to better understand how to reach them and build trust in the Pfizer brand.
Leveraging a combination of third-party research, internal interviews, and a proprietary survey, I worked with the Pfizer team to not only understand the preferred content information and formats each audiences wants for science information but also how these personas use content to communicate with each other.

To ensure the research was actionable, I also created clear distinctions between passive and active science research needs across each persona, as well as three key obstacles all personas needed to overcome when engaging with (and evaluating) science content.
Process Overview
Lead Strategist
August 2021 — October 2021
  • Conducted stakeholder interviews across key leaders for Pfizer content marketing efforts to understand gaps in audience targeting.
  • Researched content consumption trends around  biomedical science news and clinical trial research, with a focus on combatting misinformation and trustworthiness of key information sources.
  • Collaborated on the development of a 180-respondent survey across professionals and laypersons to validate research trends and public perception of pharma companies.
  • Designed four key persona archetypes to support content development, based on survey and research findings.
  • Analyzed and reviewed survey findings to corroborate persona archetypes and develop an extended customer content journey to help Pfizer reach readers at the right time.