Creating a content strategy for a global editorial team.
Client Challenge
Square (through Weebly) began partnering with us in later 2018. Initially coming to us with the need to scale content marketing production efforts in reaching small business owners, a post acquisition editorial team needed help to not only creating a vision for content marketing storytelling at Square, but also to prove the value of the discipline in a product-marketing heavy environment.
What began as a two-person content team coming over from Weebly has expanded into a team of writers, editors, and content strategist, empowered by the strategic thinking developed alongside them. Year over year, Square continues to invest in content marketing efforts, and leans onus to experiment with new content formats and approaches, from post pandemic SMB needs to operationalizing podcasts at scale.
Key Responsibilities
Lead Strategist
Dec 2018 — Dec 2021
  • Designed and lead several key workshops designed to help key client stakeholders develop content personas, customer journeys, and brand-level content pillars. I used a combination of third-party research, social listening data, and real-life customers examples sourced from the Square team.
  • Developed and presented content strategy presentations to be implemented across Square's internal editorial team.
  • Translated content strategy into high-value content projects for the client, including Square's first official podcast, "Talking Squarely," which would later be nominated for a Digiday award in 2021.
  • Oversaw content spend associated with agency retainer, and managed all relationships with freelance creator talent on the account.
  • Acted as content marketing evangelist for the Square team, helping them educate internal stakeholders around content strategy and value (including two education sessions with 50+ Square stakeholders).